Getting People To Like What You Do Online

Here is a note of encouragement for all those of you who may be trying a little too hard at times. Call it a heads-up for all those hard working guys and girls out there that deserve a little positive recognition and positive results. Yes, I know, it’s hard to make a living these days. Ask me, I know. Over here, we’ve also been hammering at it for a few years with seemingly no light at the end of the tunnel.

But there’s one lesson that we all have in common. We never gave up. At the end of the day, persistence along with the never say die-hard work does pay dividends. But it takes its time, doesn’t it? More encouragement for you then. Look at it this way. The best wine takes years to mature. And good food always takes time to prepare. No rush jobs ever did anyone any good anyhow. But in my case, it’s always been an up and down case of money.

Time, which I still don’t seem to have on my side, is money. And so say all of you. Good to see that many of you are using Instagram to promote your work. Doesn’t matter what it is you are doing for a living; you could be making pickled onions in a glass jar for all I know. But the fact remains, you can use your Instagram account to show others what you’ve just made. Ah, but you see, is what some people may be saying, it does all look good and nice on Instagram, but still.

Still, the folks out there don’t seem to be too convinced. That’s a challenge alright. It looks good, but get a taste of it is what we want. Good to know market perception. But draw the crowds in and buy likes for Instagram photos that you publish on your account. Link it – the likes – to your business website and see how quickly the social birds out there start chattering. I certainly don’t have the time to wait for people to check into my account.

Maybe time is running against you as well. The thing about automatic likes for Instagram photos is that people will notice. It’s kind of like how the herd mentality works. Everyone’s doing it. Once word gets out on one batch of photos published on Instagram everyone else seems to want a slice of the pie. And before you know it, the real McCoy has checked in and he’s started asking questions. Well, he didn’t need to, really.

You already told him how. You gave him a tip linking him to your business website and there it was. User-friendly place my order fields for him to fill out. And, of course, don’t forget to pay the piper. Secured. Online account details and a guarantee that you’ll get paid for all your hard work. Well, folks, that’s it for now. I’m off to snap some pics for my next Instagram post.