A Few Social Media Tips For Business Use

Back in the day, business correspondence addressed to potential clients and customers per the (snail) mailbox and the email account was always formal. It always began with; dear sir, or dear madam. Non-native English speakers latched onto this formality quickly enough once they became accustomed to the use of cell phones, and now smart mobiles, as an effective means of communication with a view towards obtaining new (hapless, unwitting?) customers.

The trick of it all seemed to work locally but once these self-starting entrepreneurs, pandering goods and services of the most unusual kind, started reaching out to the rest of the Western world, their recipients were not fooled. Yes, there was a degree of prejudice attached to this but so too, smartness and prudence. The rise of social media networks, however, has opened doors for small business entrepreneurs from around the world.

Buying likes and followers is a perfectly legitimate way to boost your credibility, but putting a face to the message has made things easier in terms of putting a more convincing stamp on the business proposal. On Instagram, people get to see what you really look like in the flesh. And you will have more likes and followers on Instagram if you portray yourself appropriately. You are neat and presentable at all times, even when casually dressed. And while it is certainly a good idea to be, let’s just say, Harry casual in the way you address yourself to potential customers out there, you still need to mind your manners.

Don’t go overboard with your use of slang words. Undoubtedly, there will be folks out there who will be offended. You may say ‘dear’ this and ‘dear’ that on occasion but don’t overdo it. And it really isn’t a good idea to begin your opening line with “Hey there!”. You may do so with your pals and close associates but strange folks out there may not appreciate being shouted at. And yes, they do wish to feel as though they are part of your family.

You may be a little personal, telling folks what it was like starting your new business, and you may share with them pictures of your spouse and kids, but there’s no need to get carried away. Remember the reason why you are on social media and/or Instagram in the first place. You are promoting your business. So, in your presentation to the world, the emphasis is going to be on your goods and services.

If you are a creator or manufacturer of sorts, you can use portals like YouTube to give folks a brief demonstration of how you came up with the goods. But don’t lapse too deeply into the formalized use of your commercial jargon. Folks out there won’t have the foggiest idea of what you are saying. They would have to watch your video over a number of times to try and figure you out. No one’s got the time, so keep your presentation short and to the point.